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Making money online is very very easy today. Lots of people are earning lakhs and thousands of rupees per day.

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Well there are many blogs on the internet who shows a 30,40, and 100 types of ideas where you can be confused that which path is to be choosed. Well here in our blog I will tell you the latest and best working  (2) ways or ideas from which you can earn a thousand or lakhs of rupees per day or per month.

Well the two ways are BLOGGING and YOUTUBE.

Let’s go.


Well there are a lot of platforms where you can make money online, They are Blogger (it is free and sponsored by Google itself.), But my recommendation is go for buying your own domain from GoDaddy, big rock, host gator and then you have to host those websites and that’s all.

Now you have to publish well number of posts in your blog. Here the content must be good and popular so that well number of traffic or crowd or visitors can through your site and can read well.

Remember you should give only text format posts in your blog if you add any copyright photos or videos then you may not be able to be approved by Google Adsense.

Well what is Google Adsense?

This is the way of your income…………


Where if you have wrote about twenty or thirty well written posts in your blog then automatically visitors or traffic will start to come to your blog and that time  you have to apply for Google Adsense,

After the approval of Google Adsense you will get ads on your blog and if any visitors click on those ads then you will get paid.

Ok, then what’s are the requirements?

First of all you need to buy and host your domain online which may cost maximum RS 2000 or less. You must have a laptop or tablet or smartphone to make your posts. And you must be specialised on a topic in which you are master yourself. It may be the hardest by for students or employees they can spend a hour per day.

After making thirty or forty best posts and after five or six months you will get started earning income on your Adsense account.


It also follows the same way of blogging,

First of all make well videos then publish on YouTube and Google Adsense will give ads on your videos if any visitors click on your ads then you will get paid on your Adsense account.

Requirements:- A camera , it may be your Android device or a video camera or DSLR camera, a microphone, tripod to hold the camera, a computer to edit your videos.

You may need about rs. 10,000 to gather all those equipments and that’s all .

Now record videos on your specialisation and then publish.


So all the best and remember withouthardwork no body can earn dollars so do everything in which you are interested personally and a master.

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